New comer to the stable


New comer to the stable...

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  • Just kidding... Come on guys, me on a fuel injected new bike... No way... Buddy of mine spending a couple of days at my place owns that 09 Bonnie. We swapped wheels and roamed the hamlets between espresso/ice cream stops. Fine weather, good conversation, awesome bikes.... Does it get any better really ? ;)

  • KilleR ride! So it ain't

  • A very nice moto, just not my cup of tea. It feels indeed heavier than the W, actually closer to my airhead in terms of weight and balance. When we reverted to our own motos it felt like I was back on a 250cc !! It still is a very nice piece of machinery, and the badge makes an impression everywhere I parked... , I couldn't get used to the fuel injection linearity though... The W feels so much more alive and close to its pilot, where the Bonnie provides the same dull sensation as my 200hp 508GT when I floor it... Although the Triumph feels heavier, looks bigger, surprisingly it's not (except for the mill itself, the Bonnie'got 50% more cc and it shows in the engine dimensions) bigger than the W650 when they are side by side. The Bonnie is the bigger bike nevertheless, pullin like a train even on 5th from 50k. Impressive acceleration and torque.

  • Yep, couldn't imagine you on an EFI chrome-rimmed vehicle :-D

  • Ha ha !! You know me well Kip ! ;)

  • I may have bought one if it had the kick starter, I use mine on the W when the batteries low or when parked alongside any modern Triumph, lol

  • Nice one Rtr

  • Friends do let friends ride Triumphs!

  • You bet ! ;)

  • My new W650 (low bar to be installed next week, and the ugly crash bar is coming off) with my Thruxton 900. My other W650 has a low-rise, KnN Superbike bar from my '75 Z1. I forgot what an improvement in stability a low bar makes on the W650. And, yes, a kicker on my Thruxton would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker - fabulous bike!

  • Great bunch Rocky, congrats ! I agree with the low bar improved stability, but one must admit the OEM western bars were a bit extreme (although totally in accordance with US export versions Triumph models of yesteryear). I found a mid-point with this Tommaselli bar that came with my airhead.... and it ain't bad really...

  • I'll look for a Tommaselli just like that, thanks! My KnN bar is a tad wide, on my other W650. I used Tommaselli clip-ons and "clubmans" on my '70s Kawasaki triples - outstanding quality!

  • LSL Clubman bars are not bad either. They are much alike the Norman Hyde M bar, just a bit narrower and the M is less pronounced.