New bigbang project

New bigbang-project

  • Idem! ;-)

  • How much horsepower torque increase are you getting with custom camshafts?

  • Depends on the cam profile. We got stage1 to stage6. Stage1 is +18 degrees and will give you about 4-5 hp in a stock W. Stage6 is +54 degrees and just works with high compression pistons and a good exhaust.

  • I saw your part II video. Am I reading it right that you created a 90hp, 72 ft/lb torque W650 and then injected it with N2O or something to get up to 118 hp?

  • Yes. That was a stage5 profile.

  • Go for it Ulf! Keep us updated Bruv ;-)

  • the upper cam in the photo... both piston fire at the same time?

  • Yes. ;)

  • that・will・be ・awesome