Neoh Shun Cheng added 3 photos to February 21, 2014 in Kawasaki Versys.


3 in 1 Top gauge meter( volt meter , water temp installed) and oil temp(yet to connect)

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  • whole system need to reflush with new coolant whn install this

  • Good add on bro,

  • Tan Kim Meng yap bro. especially the water temp , if the bike is overheating and fan not running at tht temperature at least we got to knw 1st. if wait for engine light on will be too late.

  • if bike idle the highest temp is 104C thn fan running cool down until 97C .

  • Neoh how much inbox me

  • pm price....

  • Trying to find one. Do you have a part number?

  • Thomas W. Deckard i dnt hav part num. Above comment is the link i buy frm

  • koso make similar gause and you and find on e bay