Needing a new battery for my 2012 vn2000 I don t have any high draw electronics


Needing a new battery for my 2012 vn2000 I don't have any high draw electronics... what's the best battery to buy. Thanks for the input!

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  • Check out throttle x

  • Yuasa is the way to go also please ppst a pic of your vin it bike, I think someone lied to you about the year of the bike

  • Sorry it was late thats the year of my pickup some reason I must have typed that ... my bike is a 2008

  • with the Throttle X link Heath provided, there is only one have to have the 18 amp battery....VN2000 will not start on 16 amp listed....many here have made that wrong choice and had starting issues

  • I had to replace the battery on my 07 this spring...went with Yuasa YTX20CH-BS. Purchased from Tires Unlimited batteries.htm

  • Thanks mine had the 16 in there probably why it went bad

  • Just purchased ytx20ch bs from tri state . The name of battery is motocross. It is a yuasa . Yuasa makes it. U can search it on internet.