Needed VN 2000 Rear Turn Signal Housings for a project If anyone has 2 i would...

Needed VN 2000 Rear Turn Signal Housings for a project. If anyone has 2 i would be willing to buy if there in good shape.

  • Have an extra bar but the turn signal ends are broke

  • Just need the chrome Housings

  • Check

  • I have bought numerouse parts from these guy's great prices probably the best in the biz however i need some nice rear turn signal housings and they don't have any for the V2K.

  • When I get home I'll send you pictures of what I have

  • Awesome Heath Heath LaRue

  • I have a couple, but I live in Europe, don't know about shipping

  • I have been all over E-Bay that's the first place i always look then i will hit Bare Carr up from time to time. trust me you never have to tell me to check E-Bay because before i ask about any part i look at E-Bay first.

  • Jim I have some good shape but with out the inner bulb connectors..