• Need to change the starter chain on my D4 anyone done it before Difficult or...

    Need to change the starter chain on my D4, anyone done it before? Difficult or easy done?

    • I'll take a look. OEM is about 130£, only for the tensioner...

    • sounds about right but its a common fault afecting a whole range of their bikes its been going on for years .A lot of people {me included ) do away and fit a manual tensioner

    • have a look over on youtube for zzr1100 starter chain fix

    • Will do Gordon, thanks mate!

    • Didn't find anything on YouTube for zzr1100 starter chain fix... Do you by any chance have a link?

    • try kawasaki starter chain mod

    • if you google expensive lightwait stuff it should come up

    • one that i made for mine

    • Found it, thank you Gordon. I will start with taking the clutch cover off and having a look. Will do that tomorrow. Cheers mate!

    • ok good luck