Need to change my V2K 07 rear tire. Not getting metzler tire. 240 50 R16


Need to change my V2K 07 rear tire. Not getting metzler tire(240/50 R16). Do I have any other option?

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  • Avon Cobras

  • Bridgestone Exedra Max....tried Metzler and barely got 5k out of it....

  • Lots of folks like to put sports car tires on. I am personally happy with Avon Cobra's after trying a few other brands. You can go up to a 240 on the rear with clearance. If interested in the car tire, talk to Bare Carr.

  • About the post above , I can see the benefits of the car tire if ur maybe spending 98% of ur time riding in a straight line but how do they effect cornering having a flat profile ?

  • There are few straight roads here in Oregon so I was wondering about the conering . I like the look . I might look into it :)

  • I run the excedra max has held up well riding very agressive on our Oregon twisty roads.

  • anyone thinking of going to the darkside checkout utube there are alot of vid's about it. there are a number of ppl on here that ride the darkside so if you have ? ask.

  • Ya run the car tire lower pressure than the bike tire so the sidewall're not riding on the sidewall or corner of the tire in corners...far softer ride over bumps too...I still scrape my floorboards just as much if not more with the car Bryan said look on YouTube...look up Vulcan darkside...

  • I ride dark side. I know others ride the dark side . No problems just a little difference in turns.

  • I've gone thru 3 sets of Cobras and avg 12 to 15k miles on each.