Need some help here Just finished first oil change on the V2K I mean not too...


Need some help here. Just finished first oil change on the V2K. I mean, not too difficult a task, right? Followed instructions given on here to the letter. Warmed her up, drained old oil top to bottom, replaced filter (that was a bitch), and filled with 5.5 qts rotella t6. Now she won't fire. What I do?!

Kill switch not off, btw. First thing I checked. I've made that bonehead mistake before. And she won't even turn over when off anyway.

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  • Be thankful it did. Mine tend to die when I am 500 miles from home

  • bad fuses. And no start with a jump. Fouled the plugs somehow? Messed up the fuel line maybe? I don't know. 'Bout ready to blow a gasket myself.

  • Looks like it pays to let the shop figure it out to relieve your anger and headaches!!!

  • Ah that sucks Dave Look at it this way now it's done and you should be good to go. next time it happens you can say been there done that and go get new plugs. Question were you giving it gas when you were trying to start it?

  • Not at first. It wasn't until several tries that I thought to crank the throttle a couple times. Suffice it to say, it had no positive effect.

  • Yep. I'm there man. Don't have a trailer yet, so I gotta get a wrecker out here I guess.

  • I bet you used kill switch to turn off bike but left key on and now have a dead battery

  • That's a big negative. I never use the kill switch.

  • Dave, I never use the kill switch either unless need to park in gear on an incline

  • Dave Baum Yeah that's probably what fouled the plugs this is why i asked sounds like trying to get it started and things just compounded on you if you are anything like me Impatient ? I do this kinda thing in my day to day it's a curse at times LOL

  • My other brother from another mother? Lol!

  • The kill switch is very rarely used and is therefore to most prone to failing. When parking I ALWAYS leave in first. Throw the side stand down then let clutch out and let the beast roll until it stops on transmission. Learned the hard way when I parked in neutral and hopped off to hear the sickening sound of sidebags hitting the ground. Did you know you can pick the beast up one handed if adrenaline is high enough?

  • Dave sounds like battery is sulphated and only taking what is known as a surface charge. It you check with a multimeter and don't see more than 12.6vdc then battery is toast

  • Lol! I don't know about that one-hand bit, but I do know about that adrenaline rush! Not a bad habit you're talking about with cutting it off in gear though.

  • I'll try that. My plan is to grab a new battery (never a bad idea, in any case) today. Then move on to plan b if that doesn't do it. I'm not hopeful of that at this point.

  • Guess I coulda posted a video earlier.

  • Here's what the multi-meter reads. Battery not to full charge, but only a few pulls after the tender showed "full charge".

  • And when I said, "will not start with kickstand down" I mean it will not even turn over. Just like the kill switch.

  • And now we will have a minute of silence for your ex battery

  • Mine was doing this last year. Did your bike fire up or still doing same?

  • Did the bike start?

  • Not yet. Gotta go grab a battery. But I'm worried that I'll have to pull the plugs as well. Any feedback on the difficulty here?

  • Still the same. What ended up being your solution?

  • Check your PM

  • Check your PM

  • Battery is being charged and tested as we speak. Picked up a new one anyway. No dice. Doing the same thing. There's enough charge to crank the starter and turn the motor over and over. But there's no fire going to the plugs. It's something else...

  • Check the fuel pump next.

    And let us hear the sound of a try in a short video please, if possible.

  • Here's one I recorded last night.

  • Got looking at and thinking about the oil pressure sensor. Pulled the boot off and can see that the wire is still attached. But it may have gotten knocked a bit while wrestling with the oil filter that was a real bear to get loose. Is it possible that a solid hit - with say... a filter wrench - may have damaged it somehow? Would that prevent firing? And if so, how difficult/expensive is it to repair/replace? I'd assume the oil would need to be drained again... Thoughts?

  • It's the first time something has even a little logic here. I was actually working there and did have some difficulty in its immediate proximity. Coincidences happen, but I'm a cause and effect guy.

  • Well now you know it's not a battery. You need 3 things, fuel, air and fire. Won't run with one of those missing. Check fire first. Unless you already have.

  • Does anyone know if oil pressure switch can causes no spark on these V2K? Very rare in automotive

  • Just checked the wiring diagram looks like the sensor only works the led. Actually temp and oil are on same circuit and both lights will come on if either sensor trips. Your video does show the fi light flashing after a few seconds. Have you read the codes using the self diagnostic feature

  • I surrender. My attempt to save a little money by doing an oil change on my own is going to cost me. At the shop now. In for almost $200 so far, just for diagnostics. Fuck it.

  • Just wait to find out. Maybe it's nothing you did or touched. Please Make sure to update the group when you find out, could help the next guy.

  • You betcha! Will probably be accompanied by a picture of me kicking my own ass.

  • For the record, I am most appreciative of all the helpful advice from you fine folks. Especially to PA UL. My new friend in Alberta, Canada who spent several hours on the phone and next to his bike in the cold and snow, just trying to help me diagnose this problem! Y'all really restore my faith in humanity! Thank you!