Need help or direction


Need help or direction


She turns on if I connect the 2 metal points on the starter relay but won't even turn over with the start button from the handle

Anyone ever deal with this problem?

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  • If you short it out and it turns over like it's going to start, the starter motor is okay

  • I just turned it on shorting the relay and ran it for 5 minutes no problem

    Kill switch work shutting it off

    Hit the start button and nothing

    Short the relay and she turns over

    Just won't turn over when hitting the start button

  • When you say nothing, not even a click from the relay?

  • Correct

  • Take your switch gear off and make sure there's no corrosion in the switch gear :)

  • Ok will do

    That's the next step

    That's for the help Ollie Knowlson

  • Starter solenoid is dead. Cheap part, you can buy a universal one in amazone or ebay.

  • Clutch or side stand switches could be interfering.

  • Ok will have to check that as well Thank u Charles Jose Labamba Jr.

  • Battery