Need changing or no If so where to buy reasonable pads without costing the...


Need changing or no? If so where to buy reasonable pads without costing the earth?

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  • Half worn ??

  • Loads left... but they're only £20 so treat yourself! Beware though... if your discs are quite well worn, consider staying with what you've got!

  • Going to measure the disk tomoz. Yes I thought they were about half way so may make do... £20 each side from what I have looked at :(

  • Worth stripping calipers for a clean I reckon

  • What's the worst that can happen ;-)

  • Thanks for the link but it says item does not ship. Perhaps I'll check halfords, I have a trade discount card so that may be worth a try. Ill Defo strip calipers Phil Matthews

  • Halfords aint known for bike parts mate, and pick up ebc stuff for good money on ebay

  • Wouldn't touch Armstrong or Kyoto. Shite, had them on mine. EBC HH not bad

  • Like Simon Truscott said.. eBay mate! Or busters... m and p....

  • Bendix good I'm told