Need advice for best windshield for our 2017 s Teryx4 s

Need advice for best windshield for our 2017's Teryx4's

Mainly to knock down the dust.

  • Just make sure it's a full windshield. Don't let anybody fool you about a half windshield or a folding windshield. I had a halt w/s for a couple of months. A full windshield is the deal. I've had on for 2 years and 10 months.

  • Been really happy with my Kolpin folding WS. I take it off in the summer and just run the half windshield

  • Ive been told full windshield creates more dust inside the rig?

  • A full WS will draw dust in the rear. It creates a vacuum. That is why I like my folding Kolpin. You can crack it if needed and get ventilation on warm days and stop the dust. On hot days I remove all but the half

  • Well this is what j do to my buddy behind me after dusting him all day.

  • If you go with a full windshield you need a rear one as well. The previous comment on the vacuum is correct. If you ever noticed how debris in the box of a pick-up collects towards the front behind the cab, that's what happens.

  • I have the folding kolpin as well and it works great

  • The kolpin folding windshield how does it handle hwy speed when on the trailer

  • I take it off for long trips. More for fuel mileage. Shorter jaunts are fine at highway speeds, imo

  • Full safety glass windshield from Extreme metal products was the answer for me. I'm in Ak and I'm not racing across dry dusty ground so the dust never even crossed my mind until I read it here. GLASS instead of plastic equals no scratches.