need a bit of advice recently done a trip to Scotland on my gen2 but sadly got...

need a bit of advice, recently done a trip to Scotland on my gen2 but sadly got a small hole in my rad (flying stone) had no way of fixing it myself and all shops closed so called in my breakdown recovery ... the idiots they sent have put radweld via my coolant bottle .. guess what it didn't do the job so bike was taken 500 miles back home ,,,, will this cause any damage to my bike as i'm a little nervous about riding it again oh cost £7 to fix tiny hole in rad cost the company over a thousand to bring it home .....oh rad guard now on order

  • That's what I used nick and now an essential part of my tour kit

  • there will be radweld and tyre plugging kit in my topbox 4 sure

  • Take the resin as well nick and a good recovery policy

  • RAC five star breakdown cover for four days is about £30. Well worth it IMHO.

  • Mine cost me £18 for the year think I got my money's worth that's breakdown and recovery in uk

  • You did well for £18. =D Breakdown cover is so important, even a few miles from home can be a nightmare if you don't know anyone with a van or trailer.

  • Try boncaster insurance breakdown cover it costs.just over £30for the year and covers the insured and spouse for any vehicle they have including motorcycle and it covers everything from home start to recovery and hotels etc , only thing is its a pay and claim back service but we have used it a few times and the money is reimbursed pretty quickly and I've always paid on credit card and it's always been back in my bank account to pay off the bill

  • Mines going in the garage in about 2 hours for a small hole too

  • Just give it a good flush out and then refill with correct coolant

  • Had loads of bikes and been a member of many pages and I have to say no other forum reports bust radiators as much as this one, suspect?

  • Seems that Kawasaki make the rads out of tin foil