Nearly finished


Nearly finished

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  • Loooooove it!

  • sweet...

  • What kind of grips are you going to use? are you going to leave the grips like that?

  • Well Joao tommaselli do a nice grip so maybe I will try them

  • I would go for something leathery with high quality and maybe "dotted"... check in bicycle stores... you will be amazed with the options... and they come with many ways to fix/glue perfectly to the grip... (

  • Beston for the cafe look. Petty the modern copy doesn't quite match the originals.

  • Yeah col I've got Beston on my other bike & your right there are good ones & bad. The better ones are made in japan by OGK I fancy something different on this one though.

  • Lee Clarke, looking nice! Could you tell me what clip-ons and top bridge/triple tree that is. I was looking at a peyton place top brigde and was wondering if there are some other options. Cheers

  • Yeah Sam the clip ons are old tommaselli & the top yoke is stock one with the clamps cut off then polished out.