• Nails My son had kawasaki two years ago. This week his nails looks horrible

    |Nails| My son had kawasaki two years ago. This week his nails looks horrible. There are horisontal cracks, and the nail is peeling. Its on all fingers except the 4th finger . The doctor said it maybe could be related to kd but is confused about the two year delay. She refered us to a skin doctor. But maybe someone in here has seen this before?

    • Beau's Lines. Has he had a fever any time in the past 6 months or so? It can happen with any higher fever. My KD daughter (5 years post now) has since been diagnosed with a Systematic Autoinflammatory Disorder and gets fevers just about monthly. She always has Beau's Lines. They are nothing to be concerned about. ;)

    • I'm curious, how do they test for Systematic Auto-inflammatory Disorder? I only ask because my daughter will get fevers out of the blue with no other symptoms. I've just been assuming viruses

    • Amy Short We are currently running genetic testing. My daughter definitely fits the criteria though, given her symptoms and inflammation markers when we run blood work. She has many symptoms besides high fevers (up to 106°+) including, but not limited to, severe lip inflammation, eye issues, joint issues, and rashes.

    • Ahh... Mine usually just runs fevers but usually low grade unless she's actually sick.

    • My son had this after kd and his nails have been brittle ever since

    • Shannon I just googled Beaus Lines and it doesn't sound like nothing

    • Lisa this is the first time he has had this, and he normally has very strong fastgroving nails

    • I meant the lines themselves. The cause however, could be. Or it could be nothing serious. Definitely good you mentioned it to the doctor.

    • cannot tell where you are - that would give the group the level of care available - you need a specialist - some one who has been married to this for 5-10 yrs - there was a dr Nihill (Austraila) who worked out of Tx Childrens Houston - Dr Sheldon Caplan Tx Children's (infectious disease) - sounds like this went dormant like cancer in remission - do you folks have any 24 hr hotlines for medical

    • Im from Denmark, so no specialists here.