My year 2000 D7 on the road had a 91C ten years ago and loved it many bikes...

My year 2000 D7 on the road... had a 91C ten years ago and loved it... many bikes since including hayabusa and nothing came close so gone back to the best thing on two wheels ever made.......

  • Whats better in zzr to Hayabusa?

  • better handling and doesn´t eat huge amounts of fuel like the busa

  • Good to be back on the worlds best bike.

  • Whats so bad in zzr 1200 ?

  • prob nothing....never ridden one

  • The 1200 is very heavy and has mickey mouse looking headlights.

  • I've got a D4 1100 and an 04 Hayabusa.... If I had to part with one I couldn't choose. Love em both.. I only do muscle bikes and the ZZR is up there with the Busa, pure muscle but fantastic all rounder.

  • I love the endorsements the ZZR receives from owners who've also had Busa's

  • Just goes to show what an incredible machine the ZZR is, especially considering that it was first produced in 1990. Long live the ZZR

  • Indeed. Its a great all rounder. Quick, handles well, comfy, and a decent tourer... :)