My W650 is sick won t idle it s more or less ok once the throttle is open

My W650 is sick, won't idle, it's more or less ok once the throttle is open. I'm pretty sure one of the carbs is gummed up as one cylinder is 'fluttering' and it's been sitting unused for 8 months. Any recommendations for a carb cleaner that doesn't involve taken them apart?

  • Step one, take carbs apart. No shortcuts mate, do it properly.

  • Petrol is crap after about a month these days, contains so much ethanol which jellies up the jets, causes no end of probs.

  • I had the same problem on my 350 single after it had been standing for a few months. It would start with the choke, but wouldn't tick over even when warm. The chief suspect was the idle jet and it proved to be the culprit - clogged with dried-up gummy stuff from the petrol. Taking the carb apart and cleaning the jets is the only sure way, really.

  • Take your time and clean them with a ultrasound device.

  • Clean em and use some fuel additive

  • Fuel doctor. Google them! It's amazing stuff

  • Ultrasonic! Nice weekend job. Remove the petrol from your float bowl, if your bike stands longer time.