My W and i for Streetbunnycrew


My W and i for Streetbunnycrew.............

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  • my English.....ohje.....sorry for google......Street Bunny are a club that supports social projects with children . and we drive around so to get one bit of attention to the children and a smile to conjure up the face . Power to have lots of fun

  • Hey, it must take a good cause !! (and your English is fine ;) )

  • Yes it is........

  • Bravo, Sandra. Total respect! (Cool, too.)

  • thx

  • Nice hobby indeed!

  • I wouldn't mind to become a streetbunny if I were German! Must be fun to act foolishly for a good cause. ;-)

  • the hare of the dog track, cute.

  • And that is a good change from the macho image of bikers! :-)