My son is 8 months old and was diagnosed a month ago. He is still on aspirin

My son is 8 months old and was diagnosed a month ago. He is still on aspirin. When did you feel comfortable taking your kiddos out in public. We have been to the park to get fresh air with big brother but other than that he has been indoors.

  • If he had the IVIG he should be protected. I know a few aren't but my little boy didn't catch even a sniffle and I took him anywhere he felt comfortable going xx

  • He has had the IVIG and now has a cold. I thought he would be protected as well. But good to know I can see the outside world.

  • I know many don't but I personally tried not to let KD interfere with his life more then it had too. I was an absolute anxious mess for a very long and I still am at times but I didn't want him to be different from anyone else xx

  • I talked to my doc about this. We are not supposed to live in a bubble. If you go to an open area like a park, it is very good. Do not go to crowded places. Basic common sense applies etc etc. Enjoy the fresh air!

  • We went out. I kept him home from daycare Bc kids have so many germs! But just did lots of hand washing and grocery cart wiping!

  • Thank you ladies! I still am a nervous wreck but this is very reassuring.


  • If you need to do errands, babywear him so you can keep him close and you can avoid people who are coughing. Better than being in a stroller which is not manuverable.

  • Honestly, I am keeping my kid home till off the asprin. Then very cautious for then year after. Rule of thumb if someone comes to visit..."have you or anyone you've been around had the flu in the past three weeks?" But the park and drive thru is something I plan to do now when it's dry now that we are past the first post kd cardiology exam.