My new toy. D8 needs a bit sorting but oh my what a bargain


My new toy. D8 needs a bit sorting but oh my,,,,,,, what a bargain

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  • mines a D3 1 trip and digital clock

  • It could have been changed Kevin ? Thats the thing as all parts are interchangeable, you could have bits off the whole d1 to 9 ! lol

  • @ Ben yes mate it is from Colorado.

  • I checked this morning in the USA and Canada they did have the d8 running numericaly, why in the UK and Europe they missed it out is bazaar.

  • Nice ,just bought one myself P plate,if your thinking of selling the rack give us first shout please.

  • Sorry Terry Holder will be using myself

  • O/k Darren no probs

  • Wish I'd taken you shopping with me Darren Yimyam, my first mega service (with extras) will be costing that!! Well done, a good day's bargaining

  • Terry Holder I work for a bike shop and supply luggage from Kappa and Renntec. If you need any help pm me. That goes for anyone else regardless of bike.

  • paid 700 for mine in 09...thought that was a steal!