• My new Tattoo

    My new Tattoo.............

    • I've got one.

      It's in the draw ready to lick 'n' stick. Lol

    • A lollypop?

    • I ain't no copy of anyone, an individual ;-)

    • There are other copies of me, albeit in different guises... on different planets. We will destroy the planets when they reach their respective expiry dates... :D

    • Boys are crazy.........i'm a german girl and unfortunately donot understand erverything you write so........shit

    • That's alright Will... We speak fluent English and still don't understand what Azlan says most times. That's why we like him I guess.

    • Yeah! Hey, even I don't understand what I say too, most of the time... :P

    • Gallus too :D


    • Mega Gallus !

    • Good bad decision. Cheers.

    • I have one or two and I think your one Will is perfect.

    • Rtr that's KilleR InK !!!! ;-)