My new project


My new project.....

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  • parts so far:

    classic valve covers

    Valve cover gaskets $154.57

    fork lock $25.00

    side kickstand $118.63

    Custom Subframe & Seat Base $387.64

    Alloy Battery Box $161.52

    Custom Rear Mudguard $174.44

    custom seat $135.67

    tires $150.00

    koso meter $195.00

    reverse cone mufflers $114.94

    master cylinder and levers $37.00

    brake lines $50.00

    handelbars $80.00

    pdm60 power distribution $168.19

  • Have you guys seen the pdm60? Its a power distribution module made for wiring up accessories on new bikes but guys are using them as a fuse box eliminator/wiring harness...... My airhead is going to be done this way. :)

  • And yes, I've never wired a vehicle before :)

  • Nice. I saw some VERY (unsurprisingly) gorgeous ones at the BMW Museum in Munich a few days ago...

  • Look what arrived from Amazon on a Sunday afternoon:)

  • ...aaaand here's another R... also at the museum...

  • It's not any R-series, it's a 90S. This is an airhead too, and she sits under my carport.

  • R90S, basically the same engine as the R90/6 if i am not mistaken.

  • The 90S was a Slash 6 as well, only in a "Sport" attire indeed, but with a bunch of add-ons (dual front disc for instance) and its own specail features (crankshaft, main bearing, reinforced frame etc...). It was deemed the first sport bike as we know them.

  • Extreme bms

  • Solo seats are not my thing. Sure I will ride alone but i never got why a dude wouldn't want the option of riding a girl. ( or a guy if that's your thing). :)

  • Battery Management System? Bayerische Motor Stupidity? Belgian Marketing Stunt? ...

  • Jay, did you ever consider a sidecar, possibly a two-seater? :-P