My main jet has a 165 or 185 I can t see it well sign on it is it normal or...

My main jet has a 165 or 185 (I can't see it well) sign on it, is it normal or makes my mixture too rich? Thx!

  • 165 sounds plausible ... 185 would be way to rich

  • 170 or 172 should be good.

    65 pilot jet.

  • 168 is stock in the USA

  • if it runs good, leave it in the carb...

  • Mixture is too rich :(

  • I run 55 soon to be 58 pilot 2nd needle slot and 168 main. But that may have to change when I get my head and new red cage from Adam MillAr.

  • How do you get away with those jets? You run 20:1 or do you have serious motor work done?

  • I just found that the pilot was not removed, checked and cleaned in the last 8 years...holy crap, what a shame...when I picked up the bike a year ago, I cleaned the whole carb well, except the was very hard to remove but now it's out, it's dirty as hell and has a 58 mark on it. Now I need a new set of jets and we will see.

  • or just clean the jet...that helps for the first time till you have the new one .. and btw get a set from 55 till 60 , to be able to adjust the carb for warmer or colder conditions... ;)

  • no, i dont think, that you have to change much in the carb when you installed the head and reedcage... but if you would change the pipe, that will effect the whole airflow through the motor , it is necessary to rejet the carb one or two jetsizes up or down... ;)

  • The slot is damaged, new set will arrive tomorrow, I can wait for it ;)

  • thats way to long... lol... ;)