My LO was diagnosed with the flu today He s on aspirin therapy Unfortunately...


My LO was diagnosed with the flu today. He's on aspirin therapy. Unfortunately, I googled Reye's syndrome and now have made myself super anxious over it. Anyone else's child have the flu while on aspirin therapy?

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  • Call cardiologist asap! They took my daughter off Asprin while she was sick! She restarted after she was better!

  • I'm assuming she has/had aneurysms? My LO was diagnosed after his cards office was closed, so my plan is to call as soon as they open in the morning. Did they give your daughter Tamiflu?

  • Yes my daughter had the flu last week. We switched from aspirin to plavix and have been monitoring her Coumadin closely, as tamiflu impacts INR. However our providers differed on whether the switch from aspirin to plavix was even necessary, as the risk of reye is so remote

  • Our son was prescribed Persantine/Dipyridamole instead of aspirin during & after viral illnesses. To echo Kelly, the value of this therapy is at the discretion of the provider.

  • Mine did. I ran her to the ER in a panic! Doc said just ride it out push the floids and she was better 3 days later,her fever got to high I thought she had KS again. I was in a panic for days,

  • But she kept on the asprin

  • Mine got the flu the weekend after we got out of the hospital. We continued her Aspirin and monitored her closely.

  • Jessica Scalea Jobe yes, but also was told the risk of rye is so small, I think they done it more for my peace of mind!

  • Yes but the doctor did not stop the asprin while on meds/antibiotics. And all is fine (diagnosed june 2016)

  • No but I was told to be constantly on lookout for symptoms during the year my daughter was on aspirin therapy.

  • Yes they made me stop the aspirin right away ... also my sons doc kinda made it seem like I had to make the choice either stop the aspirin or risk Reye's syndrome .... we just past the 1 yr mark post kd and he's doing amazing