My green goddess

My green goddess

  • Hi there nice versys

    Looking for a tint taller screen for my versys.What make is that screen on your bike mate?

  • That looks like me, riding to work today. Rain isn't going to stop me.

  • the screen is approx 3 inches taller than the standard kawasaki screen, it is a renco and cost about £50, perfect fit too

  • My Green mechine

  • Cheers Nigel thats a good price il be getting one :)

  • I looked at putting hard panniers on t the bike, the cost was high (colour coded) approx £700, then looked at the Ventura system, good quality, no problem with loading or balance, transferable to any machine at very low cost and worked out £300 cheaper. I only use luggage racks when touring so no need to have on the bike all the time. I am very impressed by them and would highly recommend them