My days before I had brain cells. lol


My days before I had brain cells

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  • I really want to take the beast on a dirt track. She got enough torque to control that rear with the throttle. Kolb. Don't tell my wife

  • Have you ever raced in Poland or other eastern European countries ? In my old country - Poland speedway is very popular and there is many foreigner racer in our league. You must have some serious riding skills then.

  • I went to see flat track racing 3 weeks ago . we have a Speedway near where I live that has flat track racing once a month .

  • they call that super Motard now and do it on asphalt

  • Mario Stepek yes I raced in Poland but long time ago Polish speedway was up and coming then.

  • James Bare I use to race Flatrack in South Africa, madness stuff..30 bikes on the track, Honda CR500, 19 " speedway back and front tire, tired down suspension and no front brakes...had to change my underpants after each race

  • Thom Butterfield early days they use to use 750 Harleys on a Mile and quarter cinder track, most of the top Superbike riders started their riding career in Flattrack, Wane Rainey, Eddy Lawson, Wes cooley and many more...

  • @Joel Evans...Speedway bike is 500cc, 0 to 60miles on DIRT in 3 seconds..weight 55kilos BHP about 90 to 100... accelerator style on/off switch lol, no brakes, dry clutch and no oil sump...

  • Sounds like quite a ride!!