My coolant seems very clear ie no anti freeze was wondering what s recommended

My coolant seems very clear, ie no anti freeze, was wondering what's recommended? Is it just a top up or a flush out job?

  • You can get the stuff in Halfords and mix it up yourself. You need about 2.5 litres altogether.

  • The drain bolt is on the water pump. The header tank can just be tipped out.

  • If your's is a d, you can even get pink anti freeze. ;-)

  • Kevin runs a C.

  • Be ok with blue or green then :-)

  • But not yellow...

  • Faster c Roland

  • Should flash once yealy.

  • Flash?

  • Ok, flush

  • So do I.

  • I use to flash once yearly, then I got nicked so I jacked it in .. Pmsl

  • Take the plug out, drain it, flush it with a hose then fill it with coplant

  • Catch what comes out, see if there's anything lurking

  • Flush out and go 50/50 . Use quality stuff .

  • Drop on finger put on tip of tongue. If sweet taste then antifreeze is there. Please don't swallow as it's not good for the stomach

  • ....I meant oil etc..

  • Just swallow won't freeze in the winter

  • You can use rain water if you don't want to pay for distilled.

  • How do you make anti freeze?

    Take the covers off her bed...

  • Uou been on the sauce Roland lol

  • Nah, I've got a cold.

  • Flush it with water and fill i't with g12+ coolant, the red one.