My bike was stolen at 00 45 on 31st March only been on this Z1000 owners club...


My bike was stolen at 00-45 on 31st March, only been on this Z1000 owners club matter of days and now my bikes gone, pretty pissed off now, was stolen from SW1V 3RW, 2 guys came along on a scooter and used a silent angle grinder and cut disk lock of within a minute, my neighbour was watching it from his window but by time he got down, the bike was started and they were gone, bike was red Kawasaki Z1000 Sugomi LM16 WSU, had tail tidy and Scotoiler fitted, don't know how that'll help but I am gutted at moment and really has thrown me sideways

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  • Gutted! Where and how did this happened? Post more info about the bike would help. Hope you get it back.

  • Thanks for advice Kenneth

  • Sorry to hear that will keep look out ! South west !