My bike and back rider on the pier in camiguin

My bike and back rider on the pier in camiguin

  • Its cool that every avenger posted here is different.

    So you removed the backrest to install the box, I guess if there is padding on the box it does the same thing. Although I have had a professionally installed top box fall off so I am not sure I would want the passenger leaning against it...

  • I had a rack built here in Cebu . It was used to lift the bike onto the banca yesterday, so I guess it is strong enough. She does lean back against the box sometimes even without a padded piece. Seems to be good so far. We just finished a 1200 km road trip with a 12 kilo bag in the givi box and all was well.

    I have mounted a combination 12 volt cigarette light /usb charger in the box so I can charge my electronics during the day . I also mounted a 12 lighter under the handlebars and I can put my phone in the front pocket to charge while riding. I use a mapping app and Waze while driving and they are battery hogs!!

    I also mounted an amplified speaker set to the handle bars so i can have music . Works great up to about 80 kph.

  • Very nice Sir...

  • cool..

  • btw, did you sell off the original pipe? or did you keep it?

  • I kept the original pipe just in case the LTO decides to enforce the law

  • i noticed those two chrome like cone above the handlebar, what are those? thanks,

  • they look like speakers to me

  • They are speakers, work good up to about 80

  • do you have an amp with your speakers?

  • did you get them in the philippines or bring/ship them from the states?