My 98 just got company. I think every man needs two KX500

My '98 just got company. I think every man needs two KX500.

  • I think 89 KX 250 tank

  • They look very very cool.....

    I want another 1 too!!

  • I have 4 kx500s. One is AF

  • I'm UK. ..I've got a kx 500 1990 and a husaberg 450 fe 2004...

    Both very different. ....

  • yep 1990 with the gold fork"s.

  • But we never see you ride any of them. Your always on a 4puke..

  • I'm rebuilding my AF right now

  • I got 2 (actually 3 if you count the stolen one floating around DC)....

  • They didn't get it, aye?

  • Noooo.... someone is wheeling that thing on the street right now :(

  • Pretty passive police work... recon on Friday, and come back on Monday

  • I got 4 KX 500 and my old man got 2 KX 500 ;-)

  • Look me up when you want to let one go

  • I'm using the four stroke for gnarly off road races.

  • Kan jeg købe en?

  • I had a 90 back in 91. Loved it

  • 91 alot of fun about killed my ass only took 3 months to heal to much for me boyzzzz