• My 88 kx500 swingarm. oh my

    My 88 kx500 swingarm...oh my..

    • il va pas rester chromé longtemps

    • You'll be surprised..

    • Pimped

    • I've acctually found a clear paint 4 aluminum that works..Won't ever hav to polish it again..Holds up to fuel getting on it too,I'll find a link to it 4 ya...

    • What funs that

    • The stock value in Mothers polish would go down just from u not buying it Rick Reasy...ha

    • love that shine ....

    • Bbrraapp

    • Anthony Moore finally brrraaaaaaaaapppp

    • That is so sick bro...

    • Nice video of the kx500 bro..love it..

    • Anthony Moore THX!!! give my best ....

    • Blinged out

    • Nice,Kawplow laughed at it though,all of the protectant is gone. Mine looks nasty,I use wire brush on it sometimes!