My 87


My 87

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  • Nice bike

  • Gracious

  • Love it!!

  • Nice bike, I'm trying to get my 87 like that

  • Nice bike...had the same one....loved it!

  • Bike looks as good as mine did when I let it go 20 years ago...very clean

  • It's a work in.progress but it has come a long way I have 8 other big bikes im in various stages of rebuilding.but this one is good enough for now

  • Awesome....I only have 1....88 CR500....not sellin any more...only adding from now on!

  • That's my predicament lol

  • Any one have a extra cdi for a 87?

  • Love the 87 Kx500s, it was the 1st kx i had back in the day which led me to have numerous other kx"s.

  • I only have a motor. Lol

    Want to put it in something.

  • What's bhp and lb tourqe on 1 of these

  • Is it right 56 bhp standard or bad set up? As I viewed a kx 5 with 56bhp and cr5 with 56bhp that just had full rebuild and dyno standard bike.

    Iv seen 63.3bhp and 68bhp with cpi front pipe. I've heard with help of port and polishing but dose weaken the cylinder that could crack more easily??

  • I thought I found a 87 cr500 roller but it was sold already. Lol

    That would've been weird, 1987 Honda KX500! Lol

  • Putting a water pump in mine this weekend then zhocks and new plastics

  • But if the ktm sx 250 can push 50 57 with pro circuit system think it was either 07 or 16 model surly they would ride the same as the big 500s so not sure weather go bigger or smaller on my nx bike.

    The knew sx 550 will be insane as extra flow holes but there is a cr550 liger build on you tube that puts out 91.5bhp on dyno,

    That's insane plus the cr625 kit even crazier with electric start mod.

  • Mad how insane these are standard let alone tuned up serious weapons with serious amounts of fun

  • That's mental lol.

    Probably be easier on road cr625 but ok for Western Beach race also , in Bristol England, goes for miles. 15/37 sprokets with paddle tyre would easy do 130mhp on them long straights

  • On a standard 500 would u say 14/47 or 14/45 sprokets ok for short twisty tracks as well as with long straights to open up abit?

    If I didn't want to mess about changing sprokets every time that is

  • Thanks man for the help I apreciate it. Would You say thats the same on all mx bikes 50cc to 500cc