My 7 month old son had probable a typical Kawasaki before Christmas His first...


My 7 month old son had probable a typical Kawasaki before Christmas. His first echo was fine we are waiting on his next one.

He's is currently on aspirin.

I have found a bruise on his leg just below his knee. I am concerned about blood clots.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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  • Sorry haven't had experience with this, but aspirin is used to thin the blood to ty and stop blood clots, and you will usually bruise easier. But always take any concerns to your doctor xx

  • Definitely the asprin

  • Asprin is an anticoagulant, it's job is to thin the blood and prevent clots from forming that can become in the heart, brain and lungs. Bruising however is a minor side effect of the medication and is nothing to be overly worried about. If person on asprin cuts them self or has a nose bleed that doesn't stop with compression seek medical attention. Also as it's a child be a bit careful with bumps to the head

  • Bruising with Aspirin is super common.

  • Looks like a bruise, when blood clot is present leg will swell, feel warm to the touch and really hurt

  • Thank you for your comments. He's very active and almost walking at 7 months old.

  • I have an 8 month old that has been on aspirin since diagnosis at 4 months old. Since he is starting to move more, he is getting more bruises. He fell forward 2 weeks ago and landed on a toy and he's had a bruise on his check since then. I wouldn't be too concerned about the bruising, but i think it's pretty common. I have noticed that when my son has a bruise, that it takes a really long time to go away.

  • Go to doctor.

  • My son looked like he was beaten up from head to toe by the time he was finished with the aspiring. He was so bruised. Any little knock or tap to his arms and legs resulted in bruising

  • Thanks everyone we had him checked at the doctors today, they said the bruise looked normal and just keep an eye out