My 2003 ER5 was bought 10 months old and was the shop s demonstrator


My 2003 ER5 was bought 10 months old and was the shop's demonstrator.

I don't use it in the winter when the salt is down.

It still has the original exhaust which is perfect, also the original battery which gets the occasional trickle charge on the optimate through the winter.

I have done 25,000 miles so far completely without incident. Serviced every year at BAZ Bikes Treorchy.

I have 5 other bikes all on the road, but they are between 32 and 40 years old so I still think of the ER5 as my 'new' bike.

The original chain and sprockets were changed last autumn at 25,000 miles after a trip through Belgium and France.

The bike still rides like a new machine, is smooth, responsive and frugal on petrol.

Has anyone else had this sort of longevity on exhaust, battery and sprockets?

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  • The bike is great. Recently sold mine 1997. i bought it in 2013 With 34.000 KM on the clock, sold it at 74.000KM on the clock! the best thing? i sold it for the exact same i bought it for haha. Great bike, in my 3 years and 40k km's i only changed tires, clutch wire and a fuel hose.

  • So many bikes out there to choose from , we swap and change as we can afford (or sometimes can,t ) I bought my er5 new on 1/3/2008 , i use it to commute and for pleasure and whatever takes my fancy , my er5 as been 100% reliable , picked it up tonight from it,a 2nd major service , valves etc , most years servicing as been oil & filters a bit of grease and wd40 on the cables , never had to change a bulb still on it,s original chain & sprockets and covered 24,600 miles on it,s 3rd set of tyres , yes there,s more exotic bikes but my er5 is a keeper though would quite like a tdm 850/900 to keep it company , the er5 a great bike in it,s own right