My 1994 Zed


My 1994 Zed

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  • Real tidy!!! Here is my 94 not so tidy

  • It doesnt look that bad Mark , just a bit of paint missing from the head fairing, shes good :)

  • Thanks but no needs quite a bit of fairing work!! Mostly where the bottom fairing and top fairing met..

  • The mounting holes? A lot of people over tighten them which cracks the plastic. Personally, id rather loose an odd fairing bolt, by not tightening them up so much, almost finger tight .

  • I agree.. I'd like an aluminium joining bar that covers it and new holes think it look good and be a good fix...???

  • The original look is the best, if you can hide the reinforcing behind then that would work. But putting anything on top of the plastic wouldn't look that great, and spoil the lines of her .:)

  • Maybe I might see is I can get anything like it and try.. But I'm still gona save to get it fixed right!

  • Probably the best way (Y)

  • You'll get there Mark, I guess we're maybe spoilt over here so many breakers yards etc. Good job there's old Ebay. One great thing is that everyone on here is posting the most random stuff that they spot for sale and as has often happened, somebody somewhere just needs that widget right now!

  • Dam I like that