My 09 bike has some hesitation on acceleration then without moving the twist...

My '09 bike has some hesitation on acceleration, then without moving the twist grip any more, it will pick up. I know the first models had some fuelling issues, but I thought by '09 they were sorted. Could it be something else?

  • Check the fuel pump.

  • Check your air filter

  • change the way you ride.. keep the revs a bit higher.. anything under 4500 is interfered with by the lambda sensor

  • Remap the ecu or innstall an pc5 and talk to a good dyno-workshop

  • Could need new plugs.worth doing all of the above

  • Ain't so shure David, bt more into a new airfilter if its som thime since renew/cleened?:)

  • And Bob,ain't fuelissu on this earley bikes,bt secondary "flees?" in trottlehouse.:))