Muffy Burridge shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.

Would something like this work on the zed , thoughts please .

  • My thoughts exactly Roland I'm hoping to find one that will take the original pipes but if I have to swap I will

  • 340 mil might be a bit wide though?

  • Nice colour...

  • So long as its pretty close to the original dimensions it should be fine. However you will need some oil lines made up as the zzr banjo ones wont fit this cooler.

  • Yeah I know the pipes wont fit this model but its just the start of an idea I'll look for a better fit

  • Maybe they make other versions, with different fittings.

  • Hopefully there's got to be something suitable

  • Surely something off a more modern bike can be modded to fit? Not necessarily a Kawasaki, how about the other Jap manufacturers? They're probably all made by the same companies anyway.

  • oil cooler off the zzr600 very similar and the zx6

  • Same problem though, the ZZR600s are getting old too. What about something newer?

  • But there are a lot more of them about and finding a good one is not a problem production didnt stop till 2007 and you still have the zx6

  • Yarl Hydraulics may be able to make the pipes up to fit? I fitted 1 of those to a Toyota Surf to cool my auto trans fluid which stopped the head cracking.

  • True.

  • I didn't know the ZZR6 was around that long.