Mt Lassen in No. Ca. Great ride


Mt Lassen in No. Ca. Great ride

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  • Cool VN 2000 mate

  • Great bike

  • I have the same bike and love it. I have been looking at highway bars. If you don't mind me asking what brand do you have on your bike.

  • Very nice ride Greg, I just did the lake Almanor to HWY 70 down to Oroville then to Chico, CA and back up HWY 32 to 36 and back to Susanville, CA. This time of year is great riding. If you head towards Grass Valley again or around Tahoe, I would love to tag along...

  • I have a 04 vn2000 and i am putting 09 night rod wheels on it

  • Jed Gibson, I have same bike also and love it .

  • The wheels are fitting good so far

  • I bought the bike with 5k miles, the bars were on, I have always thought they were std on a 2000 classic

  • Ok thanks

  • I have the cobra fattys on mine.

  • I was looking at those, barons and the OEM Kawasaki not sure what I want

  • I started in Sparks NV, 395 to Susanville, 44 to Old Station, up over Lassen, back towards Chester, west side of Almanor, through, Quincy, turned at Grayeagle, over gold lakes road, 49 to Sierraville - to Loyalton, back to Sparks 400 miles, I'm whooped. The

  • That's a great route, Greg Peitzmeier and great weather and scenery to do it. I'm packing wrenches now just in case your belt starts squealing again, ha ha

  • Clean Lookin Ride I have an 05 anniversary model