MOT pass with no advisories not bad for a 17 yro bike that gets a 42 mile a day...

MOT pass with no advisories, not bad for a 17 yro bike that gets a 42 mile a day commuting punishment...well chuffed! the ER5 is proving a good choice..only minor whinge is fuel economy but the reliability has offset that

  • Snap, Mine does around 40 miles a day on the commute to and from work but it doesnt complain (Y)

  • After 30 miles I just want to get off and stretch my legs I'm 30" inside leg so no giant lol

  • mine is on A and B roads so im moving around quite a bit so that probably helps? I did find the bars used to make my wrists hurt though so i changed them for renthal type ones

  • Ironically daughter had wrenthals but got rid as she was leaning to far forward and caused backache glad it's not my main bike otherwise it would have to go

  • my er's my work horse too, i have 3 other bikes :)

  • Fuel economy ain't that bad, I got 120 miles to a tank which is about 17 quid

  • Well yeh but they werent designed for comfort were they. They're what they are - straight forward basic commuter so if I was going to be doing very long journeys regularly, I'd want a completely different style of bike, cruiser or tourer

  • Agree short skips ideal longer trips Fazer thousand does the job

  • The thing I've found is, it's been very reliable when its been used regularly. Only ever had problems when it's been left standing for extended periods.

  • Well done Simon. I will be going through this with a 20 year old soon - hoping for the same result !

  • Mines 19 years old, it will be 20 when the next ones due :-)

  • Good luck on the next one David