Morning brothers question time Turn key start bike turn lights on light comes...


Morning brothers ,question time. Turn key start bike turn lights on light comes on sometimes when it don't I blip throttle light comes on ?????? Question 2 ride home brake lever travels to about half way park bike up in morning lever is firmer and travels quarter distance???????

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  • oh dear lol :D

  • Don't worry Colin I'm also making a list so I can pick your brains next week

  • Glad I said brake pump I might of got something completely different lol

  • Ive got one, but ultimately i do them by hand. As sometimes thats the only way . They are good for getting the fluid going through new lines :)

  • For £15 its a great tool to have

  • The best tool is yourself :D 'Quote of the day' :D

  • I'm not a tool but if you are that's fine we all have a friend that's a bit of a tool I still like ya colin

  • Iam the best tool in the garage !

  • I have a similar problem with mine. It's my ign switch needs internal contacts cleaning. You might find if ya wiggle key once started it'll work

  • Vacuum pump