Morning all

Morning all

Can we please welcome aboard 5 new members Grant Deards, Gerasimos Kavvadas, Ma No, Gary Woods and Edu Foltz.

Please feel free to post any pic's and stories about your bike or bikes and maybe tell us a little about yourself and where you live.

  • Welcome aboard one and all.

  • Welcome all , you have picked the best ZZR FB page ! B|

  • Coming in 5 at a time now :D

  • Wow.... Nice one Welcome all...:-)

  • I've been saving them up it saves me typing. lol

    I get sore index finger

  • Welcome all

  • Welcome all, Grant, Gerasimos, Ma No, Gary Woods and Edu Foltz. Look forward to the pics pf your bikes, oh and the stories, we like to hear the stories :-)

  • Anybody seen the accident book? Lol

  • Hiya. Giys

  • Welcome guy's (y)

  • welcome guys

  • Welcome all