Morning all


Morning all

I'd like to welcome another new member to the group Ronnie McNeill.

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  • Welcome Ronnie

  • Welcome in Ronnie, hope you enjoy the insanity, the craic and the general all-round helpfulness of all the lads and lassies (y)

  • Welcome to the group Ronnie.

  • Welcome

  • Welcome Ronnie ☺

    As a high valued tradition all new members has to help the first faster d-owner who's having a problem with his bike to fix it. And this week I guess that would be me ☺

    The good part is that it's just the rear wheel bearings that needs to be changed and that you have the honor to meet me. Everyone says I'm a really nice guy (except for my ex wife)

  • Lol sure I could arrange summit if you were covering the flight lmao weeks holiday to do an honours job cool