More treats. Got this from Corby kawasaki

More treats....Got this from Corby kawasaki. ..:)

  • tbo, I got mine from America because was getting fucked around with md racing. abou18 quid Tony Robinson?

  • Yes..think it was 16 quid and 3 quid posted

  • lol took mine up the road and had two black rubber marks on it ffs!

  • this is what md racing try to fob me off with!

  • Haha..there crap mate!!

  • Looks like it's off an 80cc??

  • they wouldn't believe me either

  • Its fits 90 91 mate

  • I know you right ivan, but mines a 91 but the rear one of the 2 fits mine, unless the airbox is different

  • Front one fits my 91 250