More Bad News Last week I posted a pic showing my dented front rim from hitting...


More Bad News- Last week I posted a pic showing my dented front rim from hitting a pothole. I just inspected that area in more detail and found that when the front shock compressed, the shock tube contacted the front fender and cracked it in half. There is minimal clearance for this and it appears that the plastic front fender will contact the front fork tube at all full compressions. Another bad design. I don't know how the Asian riders don't have this problem from all the off-roading, but it may be why Kawi is using the "beak" fender now.

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  • ^ lol, yeah, that is a seriously ugly finger dude ;)

  • Here's the link for progressive rate springs Scott Knabb.

  • I will never be a "hand model" LOL!

  • If I were you Scott I would have Kawasaki to have a look at the front suspension, it shouldn't have bottomed like that at either setup to crack the fender

  • Yep...have a Kawi pro look at it. Have used mine on n off road with no issue. Mine a 2011 n clocked 45k km. Use only on rides n not daily.

  • I've rebuilt Versys forks before- if you take the spring out and fully compress the fork the upper stanchion will NOT touch the front fender. It's more likely that the pothole that bent the front wheel also caused the fender to crack. That's not a design flaw.

  • Marc Anthony has a good idea, I think. The fender is 'unsprung weight', which is to say, it took the same shock the wheel took, without benefit of any suspension. The shock of the pothole hit may well have been the source of the crack.

  • Thanks Marc and Mike. After further inspection I agree. The fender probably flexed to its max when the pothole was hit and cracked at its fixed mounted area. I was able to use JB Weld on the crack and it is re-installed. Now I am just another Versys rider with scratches/dents/cracks on his bike, but am still riding proudly. (but my fingers are still ugly!)

  • Well done! I've never attempted plastic repairs...