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    Pro Superbike Racer / Rider Trainer, Marcel Irnie travels south to Nels of 2Wheel DynoWorks in Kirkland Washington, to Dynotune Merlin on VP MR12 oxygenated race fuel. Nels & Marcel are looking for a 5-10 RWHP improvement through-out the entire power-band compared to pump fuel dyno results. A 200 rear wheel max horsepower with 90+ Torque is a realistic goal, depending on dyno-room atmospheric conditions - of-course.

    Explaining dyno results is rarely appropriate, as every day or hour the numbered results will vary. What's important is to set a baseline with pump gas, and then create improvements with fuel tuning and ignition advance, combined with testing the knock-sensor to find the maximum advance, while comparing the HP results at different RPMs. We add or subtract fuel delivery at every rpm (in 100 increments), and throttle positions until we have a perfect air/fuel ratio. The typical a/f ratio of choice for 95% of all bikes is 13.1. The BMW however can sometimes operate at 13.0 and 13.2 with no power change. BMW really makes a great engine.

    Next, Irnie explains how he uses 87 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) regular pump fuel mixed with AMSOIL Octane boost, raising the pump fuel 87 AKI to 94+ AKI octane, depending on mix ratio. (1 bottle (355ml to 4 gallons of 87 AKI will create 106 AKI octane. Keep in mind most countries, including Australia, New Zealand and all of those in Europe, the "headline octane rating shown on a pump is RON. In Canada and USA, Brazil, the headline number is the average of the RON and the MON (R+M)/2). It may also sometimes be called Posted Octane Number (PON).

    Marcel also uses AMSOIL Quickshot fuel additive to fight ethanol problems, keeping injectors clean, stabilize the fuel and remove carbon deposits from valves and piston tops.

    Look up the products for yourself at http://irnieracing.shopAMSOIL. com .

    Marcel brought only Merlin (2016 BMW S1000RR) for this trip South, as Emrys is For-Sale.

    *Emrys* the 2016 S1000RR is now ready for Sale. $37,000 USD. Serious inquires only please. Contact marcel@irnieracing.com / 250.869.2515 for details. Check out the "Emrys" bike build video playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playli st?list=PL9EdHN9SPeEhHb7mskuqs oH97GFapRvUE

    In the video, Marcel also demonstrate how to properly warm up a race motorcycle before Dyno-tuning/ going on track, etc. He starts and fast idles the bike to operating temperature. As an option, he also warms up the transmission by going through the gears on the Pit-Bull motorcycle rear-stand. Once up to operating temperature (85-92'C) Marcel turns off the bike, to let heat soak for 10-30 minutes before going on track. With the engine running, the pistons get hot first, and slowly heat up the rest of the engine/ transmission during the heat-soak process. It is important have the entire engine/ transmission at a even temperature, as metals expand when hot affecting bearing clearances, and piston ring - cylinder seal.

    After finding and re-adjusting the pump-fuel base line dyno-graph for Merlin, Nels removes the remaining pump and transfers 1 gallon of VP MR12 oxygenated fuel, straight from the freezer. Cold fuel is denser, creating more power. It also aids in lowering the bikes operating temperature slightly. MR12 is one of the most expensive race fuels at $30 USD per gallon, but also one of the best for increased HP. A 1000CC racebike properly tuned will burn around 2.5 gallons per 10 lap race at Pacific Raceways, near Kent Washington. With 4 races per weekend, Irnie needs a minimum of 10 gallons, not including practice. Irnie runs pump fuel for practice, to save money, but it's a disadvantage, and he must guess what gearing will work best, when power is increased. This is why Irnie says "Brake the Bank, because $300 USD, is almost another set of tires.

    Unfortunately, it was a hot summer day in Washington, so the dyno room was over 90'C for tuning.. This creates a lower horse-power reading, but still gives us our baseline and a 5hp improvement with the MR12 compared to AMSOIL mixed pump fuel.

    Following the dyno, Irnie loads up and heads to Pacific Raceways for a Friday trackday with 2Fast. Enjoy Irnie's first session on-board with Irnie's Schuberth SR1 Drift helmet camera, Replay front camera, Drift Stealth face camera, and Ghost S rear facing camera. On-board commentary included as usual.

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