Mom s I am so concerned I ve even brought it to his doctors attention and it...


Mom's I am so concerned I've even brought it to his doctors attention and it was treated as no big deal my son is 4 months he is about 2 weeks post kd. He never had hand issues until about a week ago he went 2 rounds of ivig and 2 rounds of steroids before he was cleared up. But now he does not want to open his hands he screams when I try to open them. Tonight I had to clip his nails and he screamed bloody murder, also the inside of his hands stink he just had a bath yesterday but I'm assuming cause he keeps a closed fist at all time. Can someone please help idk if this is normal or what:(

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  • Joint pain during this time (post acute phase of KD), is very common. My daughter's hands, wrists, ankles, hips, and knees were extremely painful, but she was 18 months and able to express her pain to me. I would definitely speak to her treating physician about what you're noticing. ❤

  • My sons joints were the worst at this time. In nursing we put thin wash clothes in the hands of stroke victims who are close fisted like that. I hope for healing and answers for you all!

  • Closed fists and pain in the hands was diagnosed as arthritis in my son as a direct result of KD. The inflammation reached the blood vessels in the membranes of his finger joints. Best to get a referral to a rheumatologist x

  • Was just about to tag you when I saw your comment! x

  • Is there a test for arthritis They can do? I've been reading on this and it sounds exactly what he is going through :( is there something that can sooth him in the mean time?

  • A rheumatologist should be able to diagnose and blood tests should help with the diagnosis. I'm not sure about anything that might sooth. My son was 11 months old at the time and it took a fair few weeks to see a rheumatologist. I could only take my sons lead and follow his cues as he couldn't tell me what was wrong and I had no diagnosis at the start. The first hospital we saw dismissed the idea of KD and arthritis. My son was failed by everyone he saw in the first 7 weeks and misdiagnosed so he now has 4 giant aneurysms. The rheumatologisy we eventually saw said the arthritis would disappear on its own, which it did. We were given steroids to help but I couldn't give then to my son because there was a good chance he had chicken pox. Steroids and chicken pox don't mix, just as aspirin doesn't either. It was a nightmare at the time! That was over 2 years ago and my son now suffers joint pain when ill plus gets a reoccurance of some of the KD symptoms x

  • never heard of this - we are 31 yrs post

  • so this nasty disease brings arthritis with it

  • My daughter woke up 2 weeks after unable to move her legs without screaming in pain. The infectious disease Doctors said it was reactive arthritis. She was put on naproxen for a few weeks and all symptoms went away.

  • It's pretty common, unfortunately. Many KD patients end up under the care of rheumatologists. The pain can be excruciating and is really sad to witness them struggle with.