Moe Tow shared Roaring Toyz's photo to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

  • Its a bike that takes you for a ride supposedly a 1000cc supercharged engine

  • Andy did you hear the grunts and pops of it?.., a member posted an audio recording of it and it sounded mad.

  • It needed to be a three cylinder two stroke like it's namesake.

  • AHHH disconnect 1 spark plug and add some oil to the gas LOL

  • Nah not yet but I'll be getting one of these haha

  • Herd it was 800cc it sounds smaller than 1000

  • We shall see. Suzuki keeps speaking of a busa 1500 and Kawi always seems to find a way to dominate so ??? Who knows what they got planned. Kawi has had a 1500 super charged ski for years now. So I can only dream about a zx 15 sc!!!!!!!!

  • I feel like they could go faster with turbos or superchargers rather than making the engine size bigger