• Nice but whats the discoloration on that pipe

  • Rusty pipe racing

  • Hand made pipe nice!

  • I know that buddy, its a mates bike l race with lol

  • ahh lol

  • Wicked bike. Discoloration on the pipe means its a mans bike and it gets ridden ,alot. Not just some show pony in somebody's collection. Nice pipe . Well done.

  • Yes^!!! Couldn't agree with Scott Green more

  • Where'd you get the smaller flatter tank?

  • It's a kx250 89 tank .getting harder to find

  • Yeah did you have to modify any mounts or anything? Looks great I want one now

  • The 89 kx250 bolts straight on no mods a lot of people are chasing one and people ask alot of money for one. You can buy an aluminum one from uk for 600 euro i think. They look good

  • Nice...

  • Not bad at all