Mike Weir shared a link to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

When your rebuilding your KX500 engine and this happens... It's not a good thing

  • I've got one like that too,sitting in a box..

  • That's disappointing, but loose is fast! Lol

  • I have one here, pulled the crank out and the bearing stayed in the case.

  • That's not necessarily bad. It all depends on what the crank journal measures. IF it slipped out like this one it is most likely undersized :-(

  • Redneck mechanic will weld it a little bit and then polish it a little with the angle grinder

  • Yep, or retaining compound when you just gotta ride and have no money. But there are consequences... :-)

  • Used the right way those compounds are fantastic

  • Agreed :-)

  • What's the right way. I may need to know. Lol

  • This makes me scared. .... to open my case. Smh