Micron exhaust system any good

Micron exhaust system any good?

  • Yes have one on mine. Stainless with ally can

  • Naaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Have a stainless / carbon can on mine since 1997 ....they are one of the wider bore down pipes. , you really need a jet kit to go with it . Or you can get a Vance & Hines sr2 , with the biggest bore down pipes / collector out there , if you can find one

  • Like hens teeth

  • What micron or v&h or both lol

  • Ask Keith Caheny what my 4 into 1 Micron system is like ;-) Its awesome. sounds brilliant

  • Just make sure the end can doesn't have ' not for road use ' stamped on it , usually on the end cap under the outlet pipe , MOT failure right there ,

  • Mot failure?

  • Vh

  • You can still find em in Europe , and also in the US , but then you get import tax, they are also pretty loud

  • Loud is goodddddddddd

  • by the looks of mine someone has taken the end cap off another exhaust, cut the one off mine and badly welded on the safe one!

  • Sounds great at 50, 70 or 170, if I remember right

  • 170 KPH of course ;-) lol

  • Of course

  • Not at 5am ...ask my neighbours...but then again..mmmmm