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This is interesting! I had KD when I was 3, Im now 28. Does anyone who had KD have an allergy to mushrooms and penicilin.. which are a fungi. I do.. it be interesting to see if anyone does as well

  • Interesting. At the time when my son had KD, we lived in a moldy apartment. The mold was in the bathroom, on walls in the corner of the bedrooms. I cleaned weekly, but with an infestation like that it was permanently in the air. We moved and have been overall much healthier.

  • Hmmm...interesting. My son was diagnosed in 2014. I am allergic to amoxicillin (all cillins), but my son is not allergic. Wonder if I passed the gene to him without the allergy?

  • So many questions and thoughts. I suppose that could be possible. It will be interesting to see where this research leads.

  • I am not allergic to any foods or medicine

  • My son isn't allergic to any meds but we do live in a house that has mold. He gets sick all the time

  • Thanks for sharing. Interesting to consider

  • Yes my son can't have penicillin.

  • I did wonder how the mold adversely affected us. Ever since living there I became chronically ill on top of my son getting KD. Not sure how much was mold related.

  • After kd we found out my son has a Penicillin allergy

  • Kd son allergic to penicillin!

  • I had Kawasaki disease when I was 10, now almost 25 years old. And yes, I'm allergic to penicillin